Framed Photographs

These panoramic photos of well known tourist sights of Cambridge are part of an on going project that was started a few years ago. They possess an almost magical quality and have such striking clarity that the viewer has the feeling of actually having been drawn into the scene and being able to survey it in one long sweep from left to right. The results are captivating, if just a little strange: you recognise the scenes but they are not quite as you know them. It is this that gives these photographs of Cambridge a fascinating edge making them unlike any other taken before.

They can now be purchased, either already framed or simply as mounted pictures which can then be personally framed at your convenience. They are ideal for use at home (staircases and landings), hotels or business premises.

The prints are produced on high quality photographic paper and are presented in dark green bevel cut mounts. The title of the photo and the photographer’s signature are handwritten in pencil on the mounts. The wooden frames are a darker shade of green than the mounts and measure 57.5cms x 19.5cms

Titles for Panoramic prints of Cambridge

  1. Bridge Street
  2. Darwin College
  3. King’s College
  4. King’s College in the Frost
  5. King’s College Backs
  6. New Court, St John’s College
  7. Old Library and Senate House
  8. Silver Street Bridge
  9. Trinity College
  10. Trinity Great Court
  11. The Wren Library
  12. St John’s College
  13. The Sunken Lawn and Wren Library